Spring Blog Series: Wellness Edition

Too much work, not enough play stresses me out! I feel like I'm going from one place to the next, never getting a deep breath to recenter myself. I feel freakin' tired at the end of winter! The rare sunny days in April (even paired with 32 degrees) I welcome with open arms, and I'm feeling myself getting antsy as the days go by in the count down to May. 

Taking care of ourselves is hugely important. I know when I let myself slack on it, I feel unsupported, frustrated, out of whack. It hinders my ability to better serve my clients, my friends, and my family. Winter hits me especially hard during this time, because really; why get out? It's terrible out. Spring is the best time to incorporate some healthy habits to dust off your shoulders & bring on the happiness.

Today we're introducing you to two people that can help lift those little cheeks & smile all through Spring.

Our first collaborator is Jennifer Gulbrand of SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio of Walpole! SheBreathes is an incredibly unique space that is completely dedicated to the education, empowerment, and advocacy for women in mind, body, and soul. Because I believe in the message SheBreathes encourages, our Wellness Edition is highlighting the studio itself & all of the incredible benefits attending a space where women can nurture themselves, find a support system in other likeminded women (you know we're all about that), so we can show up to our lives as the best version of ourselves.

This edition is also featuring Kathleen Ronzio, a Certified Health Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Kathleen is also a Master Aesthetician so she'll be giving us some straightforward knowledge about the helpful Vitamin D, how much we need, and why!

A Space for Us
SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio

I found it so important to introduce our clients to a space like SheBreathes because it offers so many different things for us to benefit from, no matter what you need. SheBreathes is a space in Walpolewhere women can come to practice self-care, make meaningful connections with other women, find balance, be inspired and feel supported.

SheBreathes offers weekly yoga & mindfulness classes, an ever-changing list of events, workshops, and classes. They also offer tons of one on one services like reiki, healing services, card readings, business & life coaching, essential oil consults, digital marketing consults, and more. 

SheBreathes offers the opportunity to find your own community of women to support you in any sector of your life. You can become an individual member of their community and begin your journey to health and wellness - give yourself permission to nurture yourself, find your center, and accept goodness and possibility into your life. They also offer a Collaborative membership for business professionals in the fields of health & wellness, life balance, education and the arts and provided a venue to promote their gifts, and strengthen their connection with the community. Learn more here: shebreathesbalance.com/membership/

There's definitely nothing like this, it's something so unique & amazing & unlike any other in our area. If you're curious (but maybe a bit intimidated!) you can come visit us at SheBreathes Mother's Day Marketplace on Saturday May 5th (MSC will have a table there!). There you can shop for unique gifts for the lovely women in your life, you can also check out the space & meet Jennifer Gulbrand to talk about SheBreathes with the creator herself!

Sunshine & Vitamin D!
Featuring Kathleen Ronzio

It's been a real dreary winter, we've lacked a whole lot of sunshine the last 6 months or so (and it's depressing). Did you know that Vitamin D isn't a vitamin it's a hormone?! That could explain a lot of why most of us get a bit down in the dumps by the end of winter. So what do we do about it? Today I'm letting the expert, Kathleen Ronzio give us the lowdown on Vitamin D. 

"If you've heard the news or picked up a magazine you may know that Vitamin D deficiency is rampant in today's society, even more so if you live in the Northern half of the country, as we do in New England.  Vitamin D is not only crucial for our immune systems but also for every other body function as well and the prevention of chronic disease.

Did you spend any time on the slopes this winter and perhaps come off the slopes with a little tan from the glistening sunshine?  Did you think you were getting some Vitamin D from the sun shine?  You actually didn't! Even if you were buck naked on a ski slope, you did not make much if any Vitamin D -  Interesting right? 

The reason is that the radiant angle of the sun is pointed towards the Southern Hemisphere during our winter months so it is tilted away from us. We in the northeast can synthesize Vitamin D from about mid April to end of October or early November." Kathleen says.

So now that it's April; lets all get out there and get a bit of Vitamin D. Kathleen recommends we get about 15 minutes, before 10 am or after 3pm (remember; too much sun exposure is wicked bad for you! We're talking wrinkles & premature aging, or even the dreaded melanoma). A nice walk in the sunshine without sunblock will suffice for most, some may need to supplement with Vitamin D3, which is the most preferable form of Vitamin D supplements. 

She recommends wearing an SPF in the next coming months though, when the sun is much stronger & more harmful. An SPF of 15-30 is recommended for most. (We'll be posting more info on SPF around the start of Summer). 

We highly recommending talking to Kathleen one on one! She offers services as a Licensed Life Coach, a Certified Integrative Functional Practitioner, and Master Aesthetician. You can do so here at her website. 

Thank you to our Wellness Collaborators! 

Again, you can reach them at the links below. We urge you to reach out to them with any questions on these or any other topics!

Jennifer Gulbrand of SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio (pictured left), located at 85 West Street, Floor 2, Walpole MA. We briefly went over their offerings, but we urge you to peep their website for more information here. see their website here, or reach their instagram @shebreathes85.

More information on Kathleen Ronzio, a Certified Health Coach (pictured right), her  offerings can be found & she can be reached at her website here. Her instagram is @coachingwithkathleen.

Stay tuned next week for our last collaboration with Brenna Silveria of Hope + Bay Design & me, Stephanie Howard of Marisa's Skin Care for our Beauty Edition!

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