Spring Blog Series: Skin Care Edition

Exfoliating our way to a Spring Glow

Is Dull, dry, and flaky words that describe your skin throughout parts of winter? Does Rosy, glowing, and quenched sound a bit preferable for the warmer temps in Spring?

I spend the last few months of winter daydreaming about myself enjoying some warmer temps. I want to get out there, have fun, enjoy my friends and fam, and look cute doing it. Spring is also a time I find I want to lighten up big time on makeup to look light and bright, naturally.

So how can we transform our skin from the harsh & ugly winter to the bright  & beautiful Spring? We can get a deep exfoliation service & up our product game. Exfoliating treatments aren't child’s play, they're hugely transforming services that honestly, if you aren't incorporating into your skin routine your skin probably isn't reaching it's highest potential radiance. Incorporating even one of these facials at the beginning & end of Spring will truly enhance the health of your skin. Let's talk these big girl services over with the Licensed Estheticians at MSC, Marisa Head & Rachel Howard.

Get your Glow on with Microdermabrasion

Chances are if you've been to MSC, you've heard or seen the word Microdermabrasion (it even sounds like it works, doesn't it). Microdermabrasion is Marisa's signature treatment (and for good reason). Microdermabrasion is quick way to up your skin's natural glow. Your skin is brighter, firmer, more radiant after this service which makes it perfect to kick off the spring. 

Micro is an excellent way to exfoliate the surface of the skin. It is a powerful electronic vacuum that sprays high grade crystals over the skin and is swiftly sucked up. Because Microdermabrasion is such a great exfoliant, it rids the skin of a lot of the dead skin & overall buildup that is related to skin dullness. Now that all of that gunk is cleared from the skin, Marisa then combines an acid (which penetrates deeper into the dermis where problems usually lie) so it's considerably more productive. That means after even one service you can enjoy healthier, firmer skin all season long.

So let's go through some common Q&A to see if this is the service to help your skin look it's best this Spring.

Who is this recommended for? 
Micro can be enjoyed by almost everyone except for those with very sensitive or with  rosacea, as it is a deep exfoliation of the skin. Micro is an immediate solution to cure overall dullness & roughness and the appearance of fine lines. It's recommended & very helpful for people who are concerned about sun damage, dark spots, acne & acne scarring, fine-lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion treats skin so deep that you can experience & enjoy brighter skin as your skin's cell turnover & the production of healthy collagen is heightened.

What does it feel like? What will my skin experience during & after this service?
Micro is abrasive but not painful (it can be compared to the feeling of a cats tongue). The Micro service itself is roughly 30 minutes, during this time we glide the Micro-wand over all areas of the face and neck paying special attention to your areas of concern. After the micro you'll be slightly red (redness depends on your skins sensitivity) but there is no peeling or downtime involved (even brides enjoy this service the day before their wedding).  After your service your skin is exceptionally smooth & brightened.

Which Microdermabrasion service is for me? 
Marisa's offers three different forms of Microdermabrasion. Marisa's signature Micro treatment that provides the biggest transformation & benefit to all skin types is the Micro-Radiance (which includes massage) or the Micro-Glow. Both include the microdermabrasion treatment and chemical peel. The Micro-Buff is our base micro treatment, it includes the microdermabrasion and extraction so it's ideal for a quickie or those suffering from acne. 

How often should I do it?
Micro is recommended anywhere from every 6 weeks for those concerned with aging or sun damage, some clients enjoy a series of 6 to drastically help & heal their skin. For the average client it is recommended seasonally which is why it's such a great option to start the spring out.

April's skin before & after a Micro-Glow treatment done before a concert.

If you are unsure of which service to book, we recommend starting with the Micro-Glow to experience the full effects of this great service.

After your microdermabrasion Marisa recommends incorporating a Vitamin A Retinol Serum and it's important you use an SPF. Vitamin A serums provide dramatic restoration of the skin's rejuvenation process which helps your skin's collagen production an elasticity so it helps you look healthier all spring. For a recommendation of which serum is ideal for your skin's concerns, ask Marisa after your microdermabrasion service. 

The Instant Glow Getter: Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is another form of exfoliating the surface of your skin to remove dulling buildup that's robbing you of your skin's potential radiance. It's less abrasive than Microdermabrasion & it doesn't penetrate as deeply as Micro can, but it offers killer results immediately. Rachel Howard is a licensed Esthetician certified in Dermaplaning at MSC. 

Dermaplaning involves the use of a surgical scalpel (don't worry, it's 100% pain free) to gently 'shave' away the skin's surface removing the top layer of dead skin along with all of that pesky fine hairs trapping makeup & dead skin. Like micro, dermaplaning triggers the skin's natural cell regeneration process, it helps with acne scarring & hyperpigmentation. Dermaplaning sounds a bit intimidating, but it's one of those addictive services that provides a huge difference to the skin immediately.

We've been hearing tons of Q&A's so let's jump right in.

Isn't it bad to shave your face?!
Dermaplaning does involve shaving the surface of your skin with a sharp scalpel. It is recommended for everyone, especially if you have a special event that you want to look flawless for. This service does remove all facial hair & peach fuzz from the face, which is why it provides an unbelievable results. Peach fuzz doesn't have a root, so it will not grow back thicker. However this is not recommend to be used as a regular facial hair removal service if you have thicker or hormonal facial hair growth. For the average client, you can enjoy this service every 6 weeks without issue.

Who is this recommended for?
Dermaplaning can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those with facial scarring you're looking to fade, or for women who feel their skin can feel grainy & textured from build up. For the average client this service provides an unbelievable glow & ideal base for makeup application. It is also a better option if you're more on the sensitive side & microdermabrasion is too much for you. It is not recommended for women with active acne breakouts or rosacea.

Which Dermaplaning Service should I book?
Rachel offers two different services for dermaplaning. You can either book the treatment that includes dermaplaning & a customized Osmosis mask, or the full facial experience.

What does it feel like? What will my skin be like after?
Dermaplaning is less abrasive than micro, it's actually pretty easy and totally painless. You'll be minimally red after. Rachel will calm the skin with a mask after the optional chemical peel. You can experience arguably the SMOOTHEST skin you've ever experienced after, and your makeup applies like a dream. Your skin care products will work optimally as there is no skin buildup to prevent it.

Rachel recommends trying this service at the start of Spring to enjoy it for 6 weeks. Remember, any intense exfoliation requires SPF after as your skin is more vulnerable to sun damage. She also recommends you get some good serums in your life to treat the fresh baby skin well.

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