Spray Tanning 101

Ahhh, the organic spray tan at MSC! It's one of our most popular services by far. We're approaching the most popular time for spray tans, spring to summer. So we thought we'd put together a spray tanning 101 post for all of our spray tan fans & the curious alike!

The MSC Spray Tan Experience

Spray tanning at MSC, you can guarantee we're always using the best quality products. That's why we're such a huge fan of Aviva Labs Organic spray tans. We have a private room with a large ventilation fan to remove overspray, it's completely safe to breathe in, and completely safe for the skin. Our technicians are trained by Aviva Labs specifically, and have done hundreds upon hundreds of tans. We offer two types of tans, the rest is customized by your spray tan technician. We recommend you book 1-2 days before your weekend or your special event.

MSC Organic Original Tan - We custom mix the color, you leave it on for 8-12 hours. Once you wash it off you'll be the shade we sprayed you at. ($40)
MSC Organic Rapid Tan - We spray you with the rapid mix, however long you leave it determines it's darkness. 1 hour is light, 2-3 hours is medium, 3-5 hours is dark. Once you wash this off, you'll be back to your natural skin and it develops after 8-12 hours ($50)

When you arrive, we ask you arrive promptly as the appointment is quick (around 10 minutes start to finish). Come with clean skin (no makeup, lotion, or deodorant). We bring you to our spray tan room, explain how to prepare to be sprayed, then we leave you to undress! You may wear as much or as little as you'd like. A common fear is the fear of someone seeing them scantily-clad, believe us, it's totally normal to be a little shy at first! But we constantly hear how comfortable we make you feel! We quickly spray you while giving you directions, so it's over before you know it!

Once sprayed, we dry you & allow you to redress before meeting us at the front desk. Just like that! You're done! We recommend packing nice comfy, loose clothing after (as you feel a little sticky-icky for a few minutes). Think loose sweats and flip flops. 

After you're sprayed, you'll notice you're immediately tan. Don't get the spray tan wet for 8-12 hours for our original tan, or up to 4 hours for our rapid tan. This means no sweating, no mani/pedis, no showers. This is why we recommend you spray at night if possible and just wear it to bed. After it's fully developed, you can rinse it off!

Your tan should last anywhere from 5-12 days depending on your lifestyle & after care. Your tan will gradually fade as your skin sheds. After about 4 days we recommend beginning to exfoliate the tan to prevent patchiness as dry skin sheds. Moisturizer is your new best buddy while you have your tan!

Natural - Never Orange Color

The reason we love Aviva oh so much, is that it never ever develops orange on the skin. It's because it has a distinct reddish/purple brown undertone. That means you can spray as light or as dark as you'd like and it provides an INCREDIBLY natural looking color. 

The darker you go in comparison to your natural skin tone however, remember it is harder to maintain. As it fades, the higher the contrast to your skin the more apparent a fade is, so it requires a little extra care.

Our light tan is a favorite for our fairest skinned clients. This is the best shade range for our super blondies & red heads (though they can go dark too!). It's also very appropriate for events. We love this because it evens the skin out (camouflages veins, spots, bruises, imperfections) without looking like a noticeable tan. That's why it's so gorgeous on fall brides. We recommend washing your rapid tan off after 1 or 2 hours for this shade.

Our medium tan is easily our most done tan. This is where most people like to be when sprayed. It's a noticeably beautiful tan without being too dark. It's gorgeous on everyone, and looks different on everyone, too! We spray our clients this tan for everything from weddings, proms, weekends out, vacations, dates, holidays, just cuz'! We recommend washing your rapid tan off after 3  hours for this shade.

Every once in awhile, a girl just needs to step out & be bold. And let me tell you, nothing makes you more noticeable & radiant than a flawless dark spray tan! You'll notice our dark tan is a lot more brown than medium tans. This is ideal for anyone who just loves rocking a dark tan (that's guilt free). A lot of clients choose this before vacations, special events, nights out, or mid-summer to bump up your existing natural tan. We recommend washing your rapid tan off after 4 hours for this shade.

Caring For Your Tan 101

Caring for your tan is easy, it requires a little prep before & daily maintenance for the week you're rocking it. Before you come in, make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. That means exfoliating your skin & moisturizing it the few days before you tan. 

After you've been sprayed, use a nice hydrating creamy body wash (Dove is wonderful), and a daily moisturizer. To extend it up to 2 additional weeks, we have a killer tan extending lotion by South Seas. It works just like a Jergins (but contains way better tanning ingredients for a salon worthy tan). You can use it everyday after (but beware it'll make your fresh tan much darker!). We recommend using it after you shave, or all-over to keep it all-over even.

Exfoliation is key. Our skin is constantly shedding, which is why spray tans have a reputation for fading uneven. The cure for that is simple, start exfoliating about 4 days after you're sprayed. It'll gradually lift off & it won't be so obvious!

Below are some samples of what products are recommended. You can expect a dark tan to fade spotty if you don't exfoliate throughout the life of the tan.

Spray TanningBecky Schrumm