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Getting through allergy season, what are volume lashes, and discounts for lash clients

Hi everyone!

It’s our springtime newsletter with a few things I want to address! Today we're quickly going over some helpful tips to help you get through allergy season if you suffer this time of year, we'll be going over the addition of volume lashes, and our new  "Be Adventurous" cards we're offering our clients!

If you have any questions, please feel free to bring it up at your next appointment!

Remedies for Itchy Eyes

Anyone's allergies acting up this time of year!? Whoa! I have a couple of helpful remedies that are lash-safe and can help soothe those itchy, watery eyes. As beautiful as extensions are, they are quite pesky for many clients this time of year because they keep pollen close to the eye.

To make them more comfortable, it's important to give them a rinse with cool water each night if you're itchy. Pat them dry & brush them out, this will help to clear any collected pollen from the eye. 

A golden rule with lashes is to never, ever itch. They become much more irritated and it creates a terrible cycle. If you're super itchy, we recommend a nice cool compress. Those eye masks with eyeholes you pop in the freezer are awesome, but pop a damp cool face cloth in the freezer for a few minutes and let it soothe for a bit. Pat them dry & brush them out for better retention.

Eye drops typically aren't compatible with extensions, but if they're a must - use them! Allergy meds help big time for true allergy sufferers. If you're still struggling, let us know and we'll lighten up your lashes to allow a more comfortable & safe wear until pollen subsides.

What are volume lashes?

Stephanie has been offering volume lashes for many of her clients, but many don't know it's even an option or if they'd like it if they tried it. If you have classic lashes, you can still book a volume fill at any point if you want a little more 'vavavoom' to your lashes. Many clients are transitioning over to them altogether so I thought it was worth a mention!

First off, classic lashes are individually attached single extensions per one of your natural lashes. They are typically thicker than a natural lash and sit atop each lash. They are quick and easy for me to do so you can expect your fills are about 30-60 minutes in length. I started off only offering Classic lashes, so many of our clients have these. 

Volume lashes are something I've been working on for the last year and I've fallen in love with them (and so have my clients). Volume lashes are a technique where I place 3-5 very lightweight lashes on each individual lash of yours. They create a fan so these look much fluffier than classic lashes. They also appear fuller longer, so they're less sparse when you come for your 3 week fill. These are an awesome option for clients with sparse lashes, or those who want extensions that draw attention (because they're insanely beautiful). You'll notice these are more expensive, it's because the technique is quite advanced and the extensions are more expensive, they also take a bit longer than classic lashes so you can expect your fills to range from 60-90 minutes. You'd think they'd feel heavy, but they're actually more comfortable than classic lashes due to the technique.

Many of my clients book their Voluminous Lash fills every 3 weeks like their Classic fills. Others choose to get Volume fills every so often (but understand they'll be less full than if you consistently fill them volume), but they certainly make a huge difference. If you're interested in transitioning, ask at your next fill and we can book your next fill in, or you can change it on your online booking.

Below you can check out the difference of my clients who transitioned from Classic to Volume. Beware; they're addicting!

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