MSC is inspired by one thing, women. As women, our needs are simple; we want to feel supported so we can take on anything. MSC is made up of a mother and her two daughters who supported each other through years of change and sometimes turbulence. We learned over the years that when we stood together it was easier to move through things in life. And thus came the birth of Marisa’s Skin Care. 

At first, the vision was less clear. Marisa had years of Esthetics experience under her belt, had raised her daughters to be strong & hard working women, a hefty goal of owning her own place and a group of loyal and supportive clients cheering her on. It is that support system that made MSC what it is today. It’s a place where you arrive and are greeted by women eager to know and help you. Whether that support is to get you through your first Brazilian wax, a new relationship, or help with skin troubles, MSC the place to find that honest & non-judgemental support. 

With that as our foundation, we’ve found our way by working with a few guiding principles. We are committed to bringing only the best and highest quality to our clients; in service, professionalism, and product lines. Your Esthetician at MSC will always give honest, kind advice on skincare as if it’s coming from your trusted girlfriend. MSC is a place of stress free relaxation, from the acoustic rock music, our comfy feminine service rooms, and our bright and sunny, ever changing lobby. It's a place you can laugh, vent, or rest your eyes. This is our way to extend that respect for our clients, who we believe are the backbone of our lovely little place. 

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marisa a. head

Owner of MSC / Lead Licensed Esthetician

To sum up Marisa; she’s driven. She’s driven in her business, as a mother, as a professional Esthetician, and as a friend. You immediately get the sense walking into Marisa’s Skin Care that she cares deeply about everything and everyone around her. As a client of Marisa, you immediately get the sense you’re working with someone of integrity in the business. It’s her drive and her ability to care for her clients that lead her down the long path that lead to the blossoming of Marisa’s Skin Care.

Before her journey as an Esthetician began, Marisa was a working single mother to Stephanie and Rachel. She knew she had an interest in biology and a curated gift of helping people through her years of working as the fitness coordinator at the YMCA. She merged the two and began studying at The School of Esthetics at Elizabeth Grady. Upon graduating in 2007, she began her career at Elizabeth Grady Spa and gained in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Esthetics as she worked as an instructor at her former school. She opened Marisa’s Skin Care in 2013 with a group of loyal clients and a dream of owning something of her own. It’s her work ethic and drive that inspired Stephanie and Rachel to join her in her dream. Marisa is the Lead Esthetician, her speciality service is Microdermabrasion, and she is an expert in waxing.

She is a boss babe through and through, so you can find her seeking inspiration from other entrepreneurs. She lives for a good laugh with Michael & hanging with her girls.

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Licensed Esthetician / Dermaplaning Certified  / Face Reality Acne Certified

When speaking to Rachel, you immediately get a sense that not only is she down to earth, but confident in her knowledge and grasp on skin care. Educationally, Rachel is a graduate of Bridgewater University with a Bachelors of Psychology. Rachel has always been very close with Marisa, where her interest in skin care practices were inspired, and thus she received her Esthetics education from Spa Tech Institute in Plymouth. 

She became a Licensed Esthetician in 2017 and joined her mom & sister on the MSC team. Rachel brings a natural, inspired, straight forward, holistic approach to her clients. When speaking with Rachel, you feel like you're with a calming friend. Rachel's understanding of skin sciences and product lines and their ingredients, she is able to nourish results for her clients. Rachel has been the driving force behind bringing new and innovative services to MSC. She is also Certified in Dermaplaning, and is a Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist. 

Rachel is a relaxed, down to earth girl who loves her friends, her French Bulldog Raven, her Jeep, music, and working out. 

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stephanie m. howard

Licensed Esthetician /Makeup & Lash Artist / Marketing for MSC

Stephanie’s career at MSC is driven by her desire for creativity. She was working at a legal firm in Seattle, and began experimenting working with makeup with photographers and models as a hobby. Marisa inspired her to move back to her hometown, become an Esthetician and make a career of her talents. Over the years since the start of Marisa’s Skin Care, Stephanie fine tuned her makeup talents and now her expertise lies with brides & special event work. Beyond makeup, Stephanie built her clientele with her love for working with lash extension and is the primary Lash Artist for Marisa’s Skin Care. She expresses her creativity beyond her offerings to clients, she also handles marketing for Marisa’s Skin Care.

Her experience working in Esthetics has inspired a passion stronger than her desire to be creative, and that is confidence. She believes the way to build true confidence is by regularly incorporating practices that make you feel strong and special, and it is incredibly important she can extend that to her clients. She thrives in finding close bonds with her clients, so you can generally hear them laughing somewhere in the salon.

Stephanie is a straight shooter that loves a great Yoga with Adriene session and a glass of Sauvy B.

the team


Licensed Esthetician 

Christine is a licensed esthetician and a graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, she has always had a love for skin care and began her career in 2009.  She is the mother of two beautiful children and is thrilled to be a member of Marisa’s team.

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“What I want is what I’ve not got. And what I need is all around me.”

- dave matthews band

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“Sister, I hear you laugh, my heart fills full up.”

- Dave Matthews Band